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The Talk: Why You Need to Discuss Cyber Security with Your Staff

cyber security training for employees

Cyber security professionals and black-hat hackers are constantly engaged in a battle of wits where the stakes can be high, and the demand for cutting-edge intelligence is ever present. As engaging as this situation may be for savvy security professionals, the reality is that even the smartest IT department can’t curb malicious hacking on its own. A comprehensive cyber security ...

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Hacking Academia: Universities are Prime Targets for Cyber Crime


Many good students have had their run-ins with prying eyes. A glance over the shoulder during a test isn’t a rare event, even at the college level. Academic dishonesty and plagiarism are always concerns for universities, but now there’s another kind of academic dishonesty running rampant. Cybercriminals are targeting the networks of higher education institutions as a source of valuable ...

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Protect Your Telecommuting Program from Hackers

Mark + Lauralee Wedding Photography

With new technologies keeping professionals connected in meaningful ways, telecommuting is quickly becoming a standard at many companies. In many ways, this is a win-win situation. While employees enjoy the convenience of working remotely, companies save on office space and supplies; attract top talent; and, according to some research, have more productive workforce. Unfortunately, there is a negative side effect ...

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Is Your Office Hackable?

Office workers at night

For many companies, cyber crime has taken a prime spot on their list of concerns. According to ESG research published in June 2014, 62 percent of organizations surveyed have plans to increase their funding for cyber security initiatives in the near future, and 32 percent said that cyber security is one of their top budgeting priorities. Yet with so much ...

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