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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Cyber Security for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

cyber security for small business

This is the third article in our series for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To read the first article, click here. To read the second article, click here. When it comes to cyber defense, small companies are grappling with a particularly challenging set of circumstances. Compared to Fortune 500s, these businesses are often significantly limited in the funding and resources ...

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You’re Invited to the 2014 Lunarline Cyber Security Symposium & Expo


On Nov. 6, thought leaders from some of Ohio’s top public and private organizations will come together to discuss the future of cyber security during the 2014 Lunarline Cyber Security Symposium & Expo. This year’s inaugural event will include discussions on global security, Big Data, capturing Ohio’s business potential and more. We invite you to join us at our new facility in Kettering, ...

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Is Your Flashlight Spying on You? Android Malware Extraordinaire.

Recently a major news outlet brought on a “security expert” to scare monger inform users about a potential privacy issue with their apps. The security company evaluated the top 10 apps on the Google Play Store (Android app store for you iOS users). They determined that because the apps required too many permission they were, in fact, malware. Let’s back ...

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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014: Protecting Critical Infrastructure & The Internet of Things

protecting critical infrastructure

This is the second article in our series for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To read the first article, click here. Interconnectivity is fundamental to modern life. On a grand scale, the systems supporting our transportation, telecommunications, banking and other necessities all rely on their ability to connect. Every day, even before we power up our laptops and smartphones, we ...

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