Cyber Security Awareness Month: Cyber Security for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

cyber security for small business

This is the third article in our series for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To read the first article, click here. To read the second article, click here. When it comes to cyber defense, small companies are grappling with a particularly challenging set of circumstances. Compared to Fortune 500s, these businesses are often significantly limited in the funding and resources ...

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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014: Developing Cyber Security Measures for IT Products

Server room interior

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a collaborative effort led by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in partnership with government and the private organizations, to spread awareness about cyber crimes and promote better security practices. Each week this month, we’ll be following the DHS’s lead and focusing on a cyber security theme that’s impacting our nation, as ...

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Global Privacy Standards: Overcoming Obstacles in International Growth

Blue image of globe

In the Internet age, it’s easier than ever before to grow a business on a global scale. Empowered by digital connectivity, even small firms can reach markets half a world away, set up outsourcing arrangements and grow partnerships across international borders. The opportunities are plentiful and enticing. Yet going global is not without its challenges. And for firms transmitting data ...

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Cyber Espionage — It’s Not Just for the Movies

Cyber espionage may sound like something that only happens in spy movies or behind the walls of high-profile government agencies. But the reality is that it’s a legit security issue that can affect any organization with an internet connection. Regardless of an organization’s size, if it fails to protect itself from cyber spies, then the chances are good that it ...

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