Got SCAP? Use SCAP Sync to Get the Most Out of Vulnerability Updates


Do you enjoy having your daily news delivered in the form of an XML schema? Well, unless you’re a machine, you probably don’t. While extensible markup language is great for easy interchange of information online, it isn’t exactly reader-friendly in its raw form. You either need a working knowledge of the format or lots of patience to find what you ...

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SCAP Sync Shakes Hands With jOVAL To Automate Assessments

Automation has always been a crucial mission of computing. In fact, that’s all computers do. They automate our tasks and turn what used to be lengthy and boring activities into a few clicks, on in our case today, a few keystrokes. (One may ask, why “a few” clicks? Why not “a single click”, or even “no clicking at all”? That’s ...

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Security & New SCAP Content

Over the past few months, we have been methodically adding bits and pieces to SCAP Sync. A blog post detailing all of our changes is long overdue, so I would like to catch you up on what we have been doing! We have introduced some new security changes and we are synchronizing lots of new data sources in order to ...

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CVE Applicability

We rolled out some major upgrades to SCAP Sync this week! We will be highlighting its new capabilities in a series of upcoming blog posts. Our goal is to show you how you can use SCAP Sync in your day-to-day security work to improve productivity and automate tedious workflows. The first new feature that we are covering is CVE Applicability. This ...

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