Lunarline Advanced Malware Assessment

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Be Free from Advanced Persistent Threats 

Targeted Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are a fact of modern life. Be certain that your network is APT free with Lunarline's Advanced Malware Assessment.

Armed with the latest malware detection tools the Lunarline Advanced Malware Assessment Team shines a spotlight on hidden cyber attackers actively exploiting your networks. We then work with you and your team to develop an actionable strategy for shutting down cyber attacks and securing sensitive data.

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The Public Cost of Hidden Malware

Long gone are the days when basic anti-virus tools were all we needed to keep our data safe. Modern cyber attacks are stealthy, sophisticated, and often go undetected for months. Meanwhile according to Verizon state-sponsored cyber espionage increased by 3X between 2013-2014, with Nation States increasingly targeting private sector organizations.   

As attacks have grown more sophisticated, cyber incidents have likewise grown in severity. The average cost of a data-breach increased to nearly $6m in 2014. Yet, despite the growing cost, only 15% of organizations consider themselves vigilant in preventing anomalous and malicious cyber activity. 

Fight Back With Lunarline's Advanced Malware Assessment 

Statistics like these may make the fight against cyber crime seem pretty hopeless. But it's not. Fight back with Lunarline's Advanced Malware Assessment. From cyber espionage, to targeted Malware to active data exfiltration, our Advanced Malware Assessment Team will help you identify - and shutdown - actual attacks taking place on your network.  

Powered by Damballa's Leading Malware Detection Tools 

Damballa Failsafe powers Lunarline's Advanced Malware AssessmentLunarline Advanced Malware Assessment is powered by Damballa Failsafe. Failsafe combines nine patented cyber security sensors into one powerful analytics package. It collects suspicious activity and compares it against Damballa's proprietary database of nearly 10 trillion cyber attack indicators. Failsafe detects APTs with certainty and delivers actionable cyber intelligence. 

Detect Undetectable Malware 

Detect undetectable malware that evades other malware detection tools

Armed with Failsafe, Lunarline's computer forensics team analyzes network activity 24 hours a day from our secure facilities in Dayton Ohio and the Washington DC area. We detect malware Command and Control, root out hidden infections and analyze any captured payload content. If we identify any serious cyber incidents we immediately start working with you and your team to initiate incident response. 

In as little as two weeks, Lunarline's cyber forensics experts can zero in on APTs and other advanced cyber threats to help you shutdown attacks and secure your networks. 

Actionable Intelligence on Actual Cyber Attacks 

Lunarline Advanced Malware Assessment zeros in on actual cyber security threatsAt the conclusion of Lunarline's Advanced Malware Assessment we give you and your team a detailed breakdown of our findings. Our cyber forensics experts will help you understand your malware exposure level and provide insight into your overall cyber attack risk profile. We'll also pinpoint actual attacks taking place on your network and help you understand the impact to your current operations.

Lunarline's Advanced Malware Assessment Team will also provide actionable recommendations that you and your team can implement immediately to fight back against invisible invaders. Our report will provide you with a detailed roadmap for improving enterprise security posture and staying APT free.    

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