CMMI For Development And Services

Implementation Services

Lunarline provides hands-on assistance with your CMMI implementation.
We work with your employees to:

  • Review the current system and determine gaps
  • Determine solutions to meet CMMI required practices
  • Assist in implementing systems
  • Create or update documentation to match practice and new solutions
  • Develop custom training programs based on your company’s processes
  • Delivery training to your employees
  • Prepare your company for the SCAMPI A appraisal


Most CMMI consultants will provide “consulting” and appraisal services. The Software Engineering Institute sets guidelines to prevent a conflict of interest when consulting and appraising a company. This means that most consultants can only review your documentation and processes and advise you if it is compliant. Most consultants will not assist in writing your documentation and they technically can’t if they are also providing appraisal services.

Our team writes your documentation based on YOUR processes and works with you to ensure they are compliant to CMMI. We encourage independent appraisal services to abide by SEI requirements and to prove our systems are of high quality and based on your practices.

Proven Program

Our proven method gets your CMMI system running with MINIMAL work on your part. We write the procedures based on YOUR practice. We CREATE training based on your processes. We TRAIN your employees and provide you the training material for the future. We help you RESOLVE any issues and prepare for the appraisal.
We believe that we can assist you best if we let you continue with your work and we work around you to get your system compliant to CMMI and ready for the appraisal.
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