Lunarline Sees Dramatic Increase in Demand for Advanced Penetration Testing Services

Arlington, Va., Feb. 11th, 2014 – Lunarline today announced that FY2013 saw a dramatic increase in the number of advanced penetration testing engagements conducted by the company’s technical assessment team. The company noted that a flurry of high profile cyber events in 2013 drove increased demand for penetration testing services.

Matt Xenakis, the Program Manager who oversees all of Lunarline’s technical testing engagements, says that the dramatic year-over-year growth in demand for advanced penetration testing services signals an industry sea change.    

“In years past compliance requirements, such as FedRAMP, DIACAP, and FISMA, drove demand for penetration testing,” says Xenakis. “The field grew cluttered with low-cost, low-quality providers running simple scripts just to check the compliance box.”

Mr. Xenakis noted that in light of recent events, clients in high-risk industries such as healthcare, finance, defense and information technology are now far more discerning. “These clients demand high-quality testing and vulnerability remediation services,” Xenakis says. “They want true cyber-ninjas to not only beat up on their systems, but to help engineer secure solutions that make sense for their business. This is where my team excels.”

In addition to delivering high quality penetration testing services, Lunarline also develops innovative products that keep their clients a step ahead of rapidly evolving cyber security threats.    

“Lunarline’s Products Team works hand-in-hand with Matt’s group to develop tools that streamline and enhance all aspects of the penetration testing process,” says Mark Haase, Lunarline’s product development lead. “From initial test planning and reconnaissance, through exploitation, research and remediation, our tools automate a number of penetration testing steps. This lets Matt and his team to focus on what they do best: finding – and fixing – our clients’ security challenges.” 

Mr. Haase then hinted at even more exciting things to come. “And you want to know the best part? When it comes to shaking up the penetration testing market, Lunarline’s just getting started.”

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