SME Program


Lunarline’s SME Program was developed to continually enhance the Lunarline's cyber security workforce and their ability to respond to the ever changing cyber security landscape and emerging threats. We understand that our customers require in-depth solutions specific to their environment. We bring together the breadth and depth of the Lunarline Subject Matter Experts to ensure the solutions are tailored specifically to your organizations mission objectives.

The Lunarline SME program enables our SMEs to focus in their area of expertise and expand both the breadth and depth to develop processes and technologies to ensure Lunarline can provide complete solutions for the prevention, detection and response for our customers and the nation. The Lunarline SME program draws on the extensive knowledge and talent of existing Subject Matter Experts in the cyber security fields to provide a means for Lunarline staff and customers to gain knowledge and insight on how to protect their cyber assets. The program also focuses on developing the skills, knowledge, and abilities of up and coming cyber experts.


The SME Program’s foundation requires individuals to have long-term motivation and dedication. This is not designed to be a “supervisor managed” program. Instead, it provides a structured mentor opportunity to EXCEL for those employees passionate about their own career growth! The individual rewards will be a direct result of the individual’s efforts. Although all employees are eligible to participate, acceptance into the SME Program is not guaranteed.

While all Lunarline employees are held in the highest regard, 
those accepted into the SME Program are considered the “Best of the Best”.

The SME Program offers a path for advancement and consists of three, distinct levels: Understudy, Field Leader, and SME.  There is a full scope of collaboration among levels and learning/teaching/mentoring happens from the top-down.

We look forward to hearing from those interested in participating and thank those already leading the way!  For more information, please contact

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