Strong information security starts with secure configuration of computing and networking devices. Unfortunately, many devices are not securely configured out of the box, leaving security professionals with the Sisyphean task of constantly configuring and re-configuring devices in the field.

Many professionals in our field know that the premiere guidance for securely configuring most of the assets found in the enterprise is in the DISA STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides). These guides are extremely thorough and are an incredibly valuable resource! However, the sheer size of these guides can be overwhelming: the Windows 7 STIG alone has 324 individual secure configuration settings. A seasoned professional might spend an entire day securely configuring just one Windows 7 box! That doesn't even include time spent securing Internet Explorer, IIS, SQL Server, or any other applications that have an important impact on security.

Airlock has a flat, modern user interface.

Airlock has a flat, modern user interface built on the principles of user-centric design.

​Airlock automates the process of applying STIGs and reduces the time spent on technical configurations from 10 hours to 10 minutes. Airlock also helps you keep track of manual checks such as physical and environmental security controls.

Customize which parts of the STIGs to use.

Customize STIGs by enabling or disabling specific configurations.

Of course, the STIGs do not fit every company's exact needs. Airlock allows you to easily customize STIGs by enabling or disabling specific checks that are not compatible with your use case.

Airlock's real-time progress and reporting.

View real-time results of secure configuration and print or export a report.

Airlock applies hundreds of security configurations in just a few minutes, and it displays the results in real-time. When the secure configuration is complete, you can save or print a report that includes the details of the secure configurations that were applied as well as a list of the manual checks that need to be completed offline. The report is perfect for audit and compliance purposes.

Airlock is available in both free and commercial configurations. View more information about Airlock licensing.