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Video Tutorial: Nmap 101

Ever wonder how hackers are able to obtain information about a system before an attack is even launched? Utilizing a wide range of options from the Nmap tool, such valuable information can be available at your fingertips with a few simple commands. Nmap (short for Network Mapper), is a free command line tool found in Linux. It is a simple, yet ...

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Healthcare Security: The Need is Critical


Along with the sweeping changes of health care reform, healthcare technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years. Innovations such as electronic health records have taken shape, offering more effective ways to access, store and share patient information — all with the goal of improving the quality and consistency of care. While these technologies have their benefits, they also ...

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When Confidence Becomes a Threat to Cyber Security


“Danger breeds best on too much confidence,” writes Pierre Corneille in the Tragicomedy, Le Cid. And though the line is more than 370 years old, they are apt words of caution for cyber security today. In its 2014 Global State of Information Security Survey, consulting firm PwC found that executives are increasingly confident in their company’s security initiatives. They have ...

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Lunarline: Your Partner in Security Compliance


On paper, the work of a cyber-security team sounds like one nonstop adventure! Stopping the attacks of cybercriminals around the world who are continually developing more sophisticated and more frightening exploit methods – it’s not a bad starting premise for a techno-thriller, right? Sure, staying a step ahead of malicious hackers has the potential to get interesting. However, the more ...

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