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CCMR: Your Cyber Security Dashboard

Unlikely as it might seem, the major problem with many security monitoring efforts today is nicely summed up in the ancient wisdom of the parable of the blind men and the elephant.

In this story, a group of blind men examine an elephant by touching it. However, each man is limited to only one part of the animal, and thus unable to comprehend the animal as a whole. Naturally, each of the men has their own understanding of the beast, but that understanding fails to take all of the various perspectives into account and paints an incomplete and inaccurate picture.

The same is true for the processes many companies use to examine their networks for cyber security issues and compliance. While the various software products used to monitor different parts of a network might be perfectly suited to what they do, too often there is no central hub for bringing together all of the data and analyzing it as a whole. Plus, these monitoring efforts are often distributed to different teams within an IT department, and the communications efforts for bringing all of the moving parts together are inconsistent at best.

In the end, various teams end up with partial views of a company’s actual security needs.

Lunarline developed the continuous compliance monitoring and reporting (CCMR) tool to change all this. CCMR brings together all of the monitoring data from security software across a company’s network and provides complete, real-time insights into the company’s true enterprise risk. And with support for nearly 3,000 of the most commonly used security applications, there is virtually no information source the tool can’t integrate.

Rolling up the comprehensive information into at-a-glance, easy-to-use dashboards, the CCMR platform makes it easy for security teams to understand the bigger picture, prioritize efforts and take timely actions to address their most pressing security needs. And by integrating the Lunarline Cyber Intelligence Console (LuCI) into the system, CCMR even makes it possible for a company to map emerging threats to network assets before they ever reach the network perimeter.

Of course, in addition to threat intelligence, there is always the issue of ensuring that security efforts are consistently in line with the latest FISMA compliance standards. Even though a company may have recently passed compliance tests, it can be difficult to be certain that systems are keeping pace on an ongoing basis.

However, with CCMR, uncertainty over compliance becomes a nonissue. The software automates monitoring of virtually every NIST control to maintain a complete view of a company’s compliance status at a given time.

If your company can benefit from a more unified, continuous security monitoring effort, CCMR might be exactly the tool you need. Contact us to better understand how the tool can fit your company’s unique cyber security needs.

About Spence Witten

Spence has somehow survived ten years at start-ups and small businesses without suffering a (major) nervous breakdown. As Lunarline's Director of Federal Sales, Spence actually loves working on proposals. If there were any doubt, this is proof that he is in fact certifiably insane. While his title says "Sales" Lunarline doesn't let him off that easy. We make him do real work, too. Luckily he's a recognized subject matter expert in security policy and loves helping clients navigate their way around tricky security compliance standards. He's also been known to lead a software development initiative or two, though that pretty much always ends poorly for everyone involved. He can be reached at spence.witten@lunarline.com.