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Cyber Threat Intel: Why you Should Love Ground Station

Threat intelligence might not be a priority for your cyber security program at first glance.

You might ask yourself, “Why should I be concerned about a threat reported in Asia? How it could affect my company’s technology assets in the U.S.?” Those are both fair questions if you have a comprehensive program for identifying and protecting against vulnerabilities.

However, cyber threats change rapidly, and organizations that don’t stay on top of emerging risks often find themselves reacting to malicious attacks after their systems have sustained significant damage. This is even the case for companies with strong, traditional security programs in place.

A reactive approach to new threats comes with a hefty price tag. In a 2013 survey involving more than 350 enterprises, respondents estimated that they spent an average of $10 million per year responding to cyber incidents If they’d received actionable intelligence even 60 seconds in advance, these same respondents estimated the cost could have been reduced by as much as $4 million.

Of course, there’s still a sizable challenge to tackle: How does your company digest actionable intelligence from more than 14,000 daily reports on emerging security threats? It would be a daunting and cost-prohibitive task to do this analysis manually.

That’s why Lunarline developed Ground Station.

Ground Station which integrates data from iSight Partners — a world-class source for cyber-intelligence — and automatically maps threat reports to your technology assets. With Ground Station, you can easily hone in on threats concerning your critical assets and make informed, risk-based decisions. Armed with the most relevant information, you get a clear understanding of how to prioritize your efforts, allocate funds and position your personnel to prevent damage from emerging vulnerabilities.

Even with all other elements in place to protect against attacks, analyzing threat intelligence is becoming increasingly mandatory for cyber security programs. You need tools to help make the process manageable, and Ground Station is designed as a one-stop shop for just that purpose.

Visit Lunarline’s website to learn more about Ground Station, and what it can do for you!

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