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Video Tutorial: Nmap 101

Ever wonder how hackers are able to obtain information about a system before an attack is even launched? Utilizing a wide range of options from the Nmap tool, such valuable information can be available at your fingertips with a few simple commands.

Nmap (short for Network Mapper), is a free command line tool found in Linux. It is a simple, yet powerful tool. While there are other scanning tools available, Nmap is still a hacker favorite. Valuable system information is never more than a few keystrokes away. Information such as open ports, routers, switches, operating system is just a quick scan away.

Okay…we get it but how helpful is this information? What good is it if an attacker knows what operating system your website is running on? Quite frankly it means a lot.

Hackers can use every bit of information available to them to craft a tailored attack vector for a specified target.  If the bad guys know that you are using Windows 7 and haven’t applied the latest updates or bug fixes, that may be the first route they use to exploit known vulnerabilities.

Nmap also has practicality as a penetration-testing tool used to assist in the auditing and assessment of a client’s network. From knowing what to look for to achieving compliance & accreditation to Nmap is valuable tool used in the industry.

Take a look at our Nmap Tutorial Video posted on Lunarline’s Youtube page.