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When Confidence Becomes a Threat to Cyber Security

“Danger breeds best on too much confidence,” writes Pierre Corneille in the Tragicomedy, Le Cid. And though the line is more than 370 years old, they are apt words of caution for cyber security today.

In its 2014 Global State of Information Security Survey, consulting firm PwC found that executives are increasingly confident in their company’s security initiatives. They have paid attention to warnings about growing threats and ramped up their security funding to protect critical data and resources.

This seems like a good thing on the surface, right? Swelling security budgets and enhanced procedures are helping executives lose less sleep at night, knowing the cyber-baddies are kept at bay.

But there’s a problem.

While confidence is growing amongst C-levels, breach reports are also on the rise – a sign that companies are far from being in the clear with their enhancement efforts. In fact, between 2012 and 2013, PwC survey respondents reported a 25% increase in security incidents. So while enhancement programs are moving forward, their opponents are moving faster.

And this is no time to be behind the curve. Malicious hackers continue to develop more sophisticated attacks while technology requirements, like mobile and BYOD, increase potential vulnerabilities and the need for finely-tuned network security. Adding to that, PwC found that security incidents are getting more expensive, as those surveyed reported an 18% increase in related financial losses during 2012 and 2013.

So what can a company do to get up to speed?

The PwC study points out that many organizations are lacking the right resources to monitor data and assets. Only 31% of respondents indicated that their security programs include active monitoring and analysis tools, and less than half (46%) are using security information and event management technologies in their programs.

There is a clear need for tools and services with real expertise behind them, and the skilled experts at Lunarline can deliver them. Lunarline offers a comprehensive suite of products and services including continuous monitoring and reporting, risk assessment, incident response, mobile device security, and much more. Whether you need a better program for finding up-to-date vulnerability intelligence or a complete, integrated security operations center, Lunarline has a solution to meet your organization’s cyber security requirements.

The Lunarline team has provided expert guidance to some of the nation’s top government and private organizations, and we’re prepared to assist your organization with any security challenge you bring to the table. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and needs, and give your organization confidence in its security programs.

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