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Cloud Security in the Heartbleed Era

With the discovery and announcement of the Heartbleed Bug, internet security is once again at the forefront of public interest. Although this revelation came only after a fix was developed and widely implemented, it’s understandable if the vulnerability – potentially compromising some two out of three servers on the web – has left some a uneasy about the security of their data online.

Aside from the millions of individuals who bank online or store personal information on public cloud servers, many businesses are considering, or have already implemented, cloud services to enhance their operations. For most of them, data is a critical asset that must remain secure. The realization that software trusted to keep data protected on many sites could be fundamentally flawed…well, it could definitely be a major setback.

Yet cloud-based platforms offer attractive benefits to many organizations. They can enable greater flexibility, strengthen productivity and save on infrastructure costs. Some companies are even seeing migration to the cloud as a necessary step to remain competitive.

While cloud computing adds a level of complexity to an organization’s security requirements, it can be effectively secured with the right approach…and the right level of expertise. The heartbleed bug serves as a warning to organizations that cloud security efforts need to be taken seriously.

As one of the original FedRAMP certified third-party assessment organizations and a thought leader in cloud security, Lunarline has the expertise necessary to support companies and government agencies in developing a successful cloud security program. Our approach is comprehensive, and our cloud technology experts can guide organizations through every step of the process – from assessment and roadmap planning, through implementation and testing of controls.

If your organization has been evaluating a cloud-based solution, don’t let security concerns like the heartbleed bug stop you. Lunarline can assist in keeping your organization and its data secure as you move to the cloud and enjoy the perks it has to offer.

To learn more about Lunarline’s security solutions for the cloud, visit our cloud security services page today!

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