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Protect Your Network from Dark Forces with Penetration Testing

On paper, everything looks good. Your system meets the required compliance standards. You’re running vulnerability scans and taking consistent action. You’ve got intrusion detection and an incident response protocol. Long story short, you can call your system secure, right?

Unfortunately, many companies learn the hard way that being secure “on paper” isn’t good enough anymore. Nowadays, malicious hackers are hard at work devising increasingly sophisticated exploits and methods to circumvent advanced cyber-security defenses.

The dark forces are strong with these cyber bad guys, and they can cause costly damage to your business and its data assets. Fortunately, there is a solution to combating these dark forces: Lunarline’s cyber-Jedis.

Our skilled penetration testers can work their way through your network and uncover vulnerabilities…before attackers do. Penetration testing is an important step in a complete security assessment because, unlike automated compliance tests and canned procedures, it adds a human element. It shows you what a savvy individual can actually accomplish if he or she is actively trying to gain access to your systems. For this reason, it takes a talented and experienced testers – or better yet, a team of testers — with proven methods to ensure your organization is secure.

As with any cyber security assessment your organization undertakes, a penetration test should to be actionable, cost-effective, and focused on the systems that are most critical to your business. There’s no sense in paying for extensive hacking just to build a long list of vulnerabilities that are low priorities. That’s why Lunarline delivers highly skilled penetration-testing services that align specifically you’re your organization’s priorities. Our experienced team of testers works closely with you to build a tailored plan and a testing routine that best fits your needs. And to make the process as efficient as possible, our pen testers leverage specialized software tools and methods that we’ve refined during years of experience in the field.

Don’t skimp on this a critical piece of your defense and allow the dark forces to break through. Visit our pen testing page to learn more about how Lunarline delivers the highest quality service at a cost that works for your company. And when you’re ready to protect you organization from the cyber criminals, just give us a call.

About Spence Witten

Spence has somehow survived ten years at start-ups and small businesses without suffering a (major) nervous breakdown. As Lunarline's Director of Federal Sales, Spence actually loves working on proposals. If there were any doubt, this is proof that he is in fact certifiably insane. While his title says "Sales" Lunarline doesn't let him off that easy. We make him do real work, too. Luckily he's a recognized subject matter expert in security policy and loves helping clients navigate their way around tricky security compliance standards. He's also been known to lead a software development initiative or two, though that pretty much always ends poorly for everyone involved. He can be reached at spence.witten@lunarline.com.