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Lunarline, Inc. Named One of Virginia’s Fastest-Growing Businesses

Arlington, VA – Lunarline, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and one of the nation’s leading cyber security companies, was recently recognized as Virginia’s 27th fastest-growing business during the 19th Annual Fantastic 50 Awards.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce presented the awards during the Fantastic 50 banquet, on May 1 at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly. Contrary to popular myths surrounding the cyber defense firm, Lunarliners attending the event were seen sporting formal business attire, not Jedi battle robes.

Businesses eligible for the award include all private firms headquartered in Virginia with annual sales of $200,000 to $100 million, positive revenue growth and positive net income. Nominees represent a broad range of industries and a wide diversity of locations within the Commonwealth of Virginia. The chamber identifies award recipients based on highly competitive selection criteria involving business performance metrics over a four-year period.

With cyber security concerns increasingly on the priority list for both the private- and public-sector organizations, Lunarline CEO Waylon Krush sees the award as an indication of the firm’s continued growth potential.

“This award shows that Lunarline’s commitment to creating world-class cyber security and privacy solutions continues to pay dividends in significant growth,” Krush says. “Being one of the fastest-growing technology companies in one of the fastest-growing states is a great honor for Lunarline.”

In addition to the company’s strong track record and recognized thought leadership, Lunarline points to a rising demand for advanced security products and services as another contributor to its rapid growth. Lunarline has implemented successful cyber security solutions for some of the country’s most technologically advanced organizations, and it’s viewed by the private and public sectors as a trusted advisor in all matters related to cyber defense and compliance.

About Lunarline

Lunarline is a leading provider of cyber security services, training and products to the DoD, intelligence, civilian and private-sector communities. Lunarliners keep pretty busy, battling advanced persistent threats, dissecting the latest cyber attacks and flying around the world in support of rapid incident response. But every now and then we find time to put out a press release or two – just to let the world know how awesome we are. For more information about Lunarline, please visit www.lunarline.com

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About Spence Witten

Spence has somehow survived ten years at start-ups and small businesses without suffering a (major) nervous breakdown. As Lunarline's Director of Federal Sales, Spence actually loves working on proposals. If there were any doubt, this is proof that he is in fact certifiably insane. While his title says "Sales" Lunarline doesn't let him off that easy. We make him do real work, too. Luckily he's a recognized subject matter expert in security policy and loves helping clients navigate their way around tricky security compliance standards. He's also been known to lead a software development initiative or two, though that pretty much always ends poorly for everyone involved. He can be reached at spence.witten@lunarline.com.