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Sophisticated Cyber Attacks Require Sophisticated Solutions

Compromising the security of technologies that connect us is nothing new. It has been a reality for decades…and something that started long before the dawn of the internet age.

Instances of code corruption and techno-vandalism date back to the industrial revolution. Whether motivated by a militaristic pursuit, an opportunity to humiliate some poor inventor, or another cause, these events were some of the earliest cyber attacks.

And for as long as the web has been around, there’s been a spirited tug-of-war between security professionals and malicious hackers. Cyber baddies continue to scour and exploit vulnerabilities, and security professionals continue to strengthen defenses, making it ever more difficult to successfully breach systems

But if these attacks are nothing new, then why is cyber security still an issue and such a hot topic? The answers are as complex and plentiful as the latest attacks. But one of the most nerve-wracking reasons is that hackers are deploying increasingly more sophisticated attacks.

A recent Financial Times write-up on the state of hacking highlights the growing sophistication of cyber-crime as a critical concern for businesses. Commenting on the matter, Scott McVicar, managing director of cyber security at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, warns that the kind of technologies used against regular firms now are the same as those previously deployed against governments and defense contractors.

This observation an ominous one given the importance of information technology for organizations today. In both the private and public sectors, the security of data is critical, and a compromise can be extremely damaging – even fatal – to an organization that comes under attack.

Cyber security is a fundamental competency that many businesses and agencies need to strengthen. Out-of-the-box solutions, standard vulnerability scans and common network defenses are not no longer enough to keep systems secure. Instead, organizations need skilled experts on their side and integrated, robust monitoring tools that can accurately gauge and resolve threats.

With a range of industry-leading tools, highly-skilled professionals and in-depth training programs, Lunarline is ready to help your organization get up to speed with the security demands of today’s networked environments. To discuss a tailored solution for your organization, contact us today. No matter what your current system looks like or where you are starting from, our team of cyber security elites can get you where you need to be.

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