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Lunarline Launches Innovative Pen Testing Platform at 2014 Gartner Summit

Arlington, VA – Lunarline, Inc. a leading cyber security firm, has announced plans to unveil Sniper – a new pen testing tool – during the 2014 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit.

Designed to enhance pen testing procedures and help security professionals more quickly and effectively conduct in-depth tests, Sniper is Lunarline’s latest innovation in cyber security technology. The tool will be demoed during the event, along side several others in the Lunarline suite of security products.

Other tools slated for showcase include the Lunarline Cyber Intelligence console (LuCI), Vulnerability Scan Converter (VSC), Baseline Hardening Tool (BLT), SCAP Sync, and the company’s integrated continuous monitoring tool, CCMR.

“Lunarliners have been hard at work solving some of the most critical challenges in cyber security,” said Lunarline COO Keith Mortier. “And I believe we’ve definitely achieved that with our suite of products, which we’re looking forward to introducing at Gartner.”

Lunarliners will be stationed at the company’s exhibitor booth, #1133, in the Solution Showcase exhibitor hall, offering hands-on Sniper demonstrations and answering questions. Lunarline will also host the Ultimate Pen Testing Challenge, giving attendees the chance to compete head-to-head for a number of prizes.

“We’re excited to be among the security industry’s elite at Gartner, and showcase what we believe is a game-changing product,” says Lunarline CEO Waylon Krush. “It will be fitting to celebrate Sniper with a little showdown of pen testing savvy. I encourage all companies attending to bring their best.”

The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit will take place in National Harbor, MD, June 23-26. Now in its 20th year, the summit will offer nearly 150 sessions and six complete programs for security professionals.

Please visit Sniperpentest.com to learn more about Lunarline’s launch of Sniper at the Gartner Summit.

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