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Another gripping Lunarline cyber security press release

Lunarline VP Goes On the Air to Help Americans Stay Safe Online

Arlington VA, June 4th – Lunarline Vice President Jennifer Hawks recently went on the air with WNEW to shed light on global cyber activity and provide some tips on how to stay safe in an ever more dangerous cyber world.

In her interview Ms. Hawks emphasized that coordinated cyber attacks “Happen every single second.” She also noted that while “the level of those breaches are not always as devastating as full identity theft” and therefore do not always make headlines, in the long run they are every bit as dangerous as those that earn national attention.

While emphasizing the danger, Ms. Hawks called attention to simple steps that Americans can take to stay safe online. “Change your passwords frequently, which I know is frustrating for a lot of folks.” She also cautioned against storing sensitive information such as credit card numbers online and reminded people to use “HTTPS” connections whenever possible.

Ms. Hawks elaborated further in a statement issued by Lunarline’s West Coast Headquarters. “Targeted attacks by nation states and sophisticated cyber criminals cause significant damage and make headlines. But the slow, day-to-day leak of sensitive personal information, while not as dramatic as a major attack, is in the long run just as damaging. Lunarline helps organizations eliminate vulnerabilities, secure their networks and fight back against rapidly evolving cyber threats.”

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Lunarline is a leading provider of cyber security services, training and products to the DoD, intelligence, civilian and private-sector communities. Lunarliners keep pretty busy, battling advanced persistent threats, dissecting the latest cyber attacks and flying around the world in support of rapid incident response. But every now and then we find time to put out a press release or two – just to let the world know how awesome we are. For more information about Lunarline, please visit www.lunarline.com

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