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Lunarline’s School of Cyber Security Offers New Malware Analysis Course

ARLINGTON, VA – July 12014 – Lunarline is thrilled to announce that the Lunarline School of Cyber Security (SCS) is now offering a new Malware Analysis Course. This 4-day hands-on course provides students with insight into advanced static analysis methodologies, techniques for researching active malware, and real-life examples of malware capabilities and characteristics.

While we initially developed the Malware Analysis Course for our clients in the Department of Defense (DoD), it is now approved for release to the general public. Courses are offered at our Arlington, Virginia and Kettering, Ohio offices. Our Malware instructors will also travel anywhere in the world to teach onsite at our clients’ locations.

During the four-day Malware Analysis Course, students will practice handling and collecting malware samples, responding to infected systems and using modern malware analysis tools and methods. The SCS Malware Analysis course not only provides theoretical instruction in malware analysis best practices, but also offers hands-on labs and tools to ensure that analysts leave our course with the critical skills necessary to respond to targeted attacks.

“Organizations can no longer install a handful of cyber security tools, walk away, and expect their networks to remain secure,” says our CEO Waylon Krush. “Detecting and responding to targeted cyber attacks takes smart people who know how to make the most of their existing tools to fight back against evolving threats. The SCS Malware Analysis Course makes the same training and techniques we provide to our DoD clients available to a civilian audience. This course is a must for anyone working in incident response or security operations.”

The best part? Every student enrolled in the Malware Analysis Course receives an Android tablet (I mean come on, who doesn’t want an awesome Android tablet?). This tablet comes preloaded with course materials, templates, industry best practices, training presentations and an ebook on Malware analysis. Each student will also receive a certificate of successful participation in this course. This allows them to claim hours of Continuous Professional Experience to support existing certifications, hours that are accepted by ISC2, CompTIA, and ISACA.

After completing the Lunarline Malware Analysis Course, students will be qualified cyber ninja’s who understand the intricate components of malware and have the skills necessary to investigate and respond to targeted cyber threats.

About Lunarline

Lunarline is a leading provider of cyber security services, training and products to the DoD, intelligence, civilian and private-sector communities. Lunarliners keep pretty busy, battling advanced persistent threats, dissecting the latest cyber attacks and flying around the world in support of rapid incident response. But every now and then we find time to put out a press release or two – just to let the world know how awesome we are. For more information about Lunarline, please visit www.lunarline.com.  

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