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The Secret to Keeping Trade Secrets

What’s the secret to building a successful business?

Hopefully, your answer isn’t “stealing trade secrets from other successful companies.” Unfortunately, there are some people who see this as a perfectly viable option. And some of them are hard at work carrying out their objective.

This worrisome reality was recently demonstrated on an international scale when the U.S. Justice Department indicted five Chinese hackers for allegedly stealing information from six U.S. companies. According to the indictment, these hackers were working on behalf of China’s military and targeting trade secrets that could give Chinese companies an unfair economic advantage. While this high-profile case attracted considerable attention from the media, it’s far from being an isolated incident.

Not many people would argue that a good strategy for keeping trade secrets is to avoid sharing them over digital networks. But it’s a business reality of the current age: critical business information exists in cyberspace. With cyber-criminals finding ever more inventive ways to get their hands on this information, it’s becoming more important than ever that companies tighten their defenses to protect their trade secrets and other valuable data.

Hackers are outpacing business’ security efforts in terms of sophistication. Many organizations are unable or unwilling to support the cost or time commitment of network analysis and monitoring, learning the hard way that the cost of breaches and lost data can be much higher.

It may seem that businesses are stuck between a rock and a hard place, choosing between cost-prohibitive security strategies or the high risk of data breaches. However, with the help of skilled consultants, companies can deploy security programs that will keep them ahead of today’s cyber-criminals — without dealing blows to profitability or growth.

Lunarline has a wide range of solutions that help businesses implement major improvements to their security posture, keeping their trade secrets safe from prying eyes…and hackers. For instance, using our CCMR and LuCI tools, you can integrate your monitoring efforts and quickly map emerging threats to critical systems. With our Vulnerability Scan Converter, security teams can significantly reduce the time they spend creating scan reports, dedicating more effort to valuable analysis.

In addition to our line of innovative tools, Lunarline offers a full suite of security services. Working in partnership with our clients, we tailor solutions to fit companies’ unique needs. We can help your organization affordably build a full-scale security operations center (SOC), or put our own state-of-the-art SOC to work through our managed security service.

For more information on Lunarline and our solutions, visit lunarline.com. Or contact us today to learn how we can help you keep your trade secrets secret.

About Spence Witten

Spence has somehow survived ten years at start-ups and small businesses without suffering a (major) nervous breakdown. As Lunarline's Director of Federal Sales, Spence actually loves working on proposals. If there were any doubt, this is proof that he is in fact certifiably insane. While his title says "Sales" Lunarline doesn't let him off that easy. We make him do real work, too. Luckily he's a recognized subject matter expert in security policy and loves helping clients navigate their way around tricky security compliance standards. He's also been known to lead a software development initiative or two, though that pretty much always ends poorly for everyone involved. He can be reached at spence.witten@lunarline.com.