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What to Make of Retail Industry Data Breaches

When you made your New Year’s resolutions for 2014, “carry more cash” probably wasn’t one of them. Yet in the past five months, we’ve seen a number of enormous retail industry data breaches that have compromised more than 100 million consumers’ information. And according to analysts, it’s likely there will be more to come.

So, it’s understandable if you choose to leave the credit cards at home.

Even if you’ve never swiped your card at major retailer, like Target, Michaels or Neiman Marcus, the news of the cyber attacks against these companies may have you on edge. Especially if you’re part of an organizations that relies on the security of its data. After all, if the retail giants can’t get ahead of hackers, what chance does your organization have?

The growing sophistication of attacks is definitely cause for concern. But for companies that make cyber security a priority, and take steps to get it right, there’s no need to worry.

The hacks on retail giants have been linked to point-of-sale technologies with known vulnerabilities. Warnings have been issued and solutions have been available. However, many U.S. retailers continue to rely on these technologies. Only now, with the disastrous consequences of the recent exploits, has it become clear to the industry that this was an extremely costly mistake.

With the stakes rising rapidly in cyber security, it’s important for organizations to learn from this mistake. Treating security as an afterthought or a concern exclusively for the IT department isn’t a viable approach. As many organizations are learning the hard way, cyber defense is critical to the bottom line and needs to be a major consideration in a company’s strategic efforts.

Lunarline helps organizations strengthen their cyber security posture for to meet today’s challenges. From continuous monitoring tools and threat intelligence to full scale managed security services, our solutions scale to organizations of any size. And our skilled cyber Jedis work closely with our clients to ensure solutions are tailored exactly to their individual systems and needs.

If retail industry hacks have you concerned about your systems’ security, you can take action today. Contact Lunarline to learn more about our products and services and discuss a tailored solution for your organization.

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