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Detection & Response: The New Wave in Cyber Security

The increasing cost of cyber security can be a hard pill to swallow, especially since the correlation between it and a company’s bottom line isn’t always apparent. However, with some of our nation’s largest companies making headlines this year for disastrous data breaches, both the private and public sectors see strengthening cyber defense as an essential initiative for mitigating risk.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, security spending is increasing steadily, and executive teams now view security as a top priority for their companies. The Wall Street Journal also found that 1,517 firms on the New York Stock exchange or NASDAQ include cyber threats among their business risks.

As cyber defense awareness and spending increase, another important change is also taking place. Companies are shifting their strategies to align with more modern security approaches that focus on risk analysis, continuous monitoring, and incident response. This is a big contrast to many organizations’ existing models, which focus on security applications and solutions that use more defensive tactics.

As a steady stream of reports on costly data breach incidents flood business and tech news, it’s clear that the cyber threat landscape has reached a point where change is critical. Old, reactive models of cyber protection are no longer sufficient. New and sophisticated methods of system penetration, increased exposure of sensitive data and more complex networking arrangements all contribute to an environment that requires a proactive strategy.

Integrated continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, incident response planning and penetration testing: it’s a tall order, especially for companies that are behind the curve in their security position. But Lunarline is prepared to help. With a complete line of products and services built on years of experience in implementing proactive security solutions, we assist organizations in getting up to speed efficiently — without the hefty costs that deal blows to your bottom line.

To learn more about Lunarline’s solutions for more robust detection and response, contact us today.

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