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The Third-Party Challenge: Keeping Hackers Out of Remote Access Systems

Giving third-party vendors remote network access opens up new possibilities for organizations. It can streamline operations, enhance service and support functions, and ultimately help a business become more competitive. Unfortunately, for all the benefits it offers, third-party remote access also raises critical cyber security concerns.

Many recent network breach incidents involve third-party remote access tools as an entry point. For instance, in the highly publicized Target breach, cyber attackers penetrated the retailer’s system using a remote access account owned by an HVAC partner. And a recent Trustwave study of 450 breaches found third-party vulnerabilities play a major role 65% of the time.

Thinking about shutting down your vendors’ remote access accounts? You don’t need to be that extreme. With more active network monitoring and standards governing remote access, this type of incident can be avoided. The problem is that many organizations don’t have these safeguards in place.

If your company gives vendors remote network access, it may be time to consider building a security operations center (SOC). Properly implemented, a SOC defines who is granted third-party access and alerts the organization whenever system access is escalated – a critical warning of an intrusion. By overcoming common issues created by disjointed monitoring and analysis tools, a SOC helps ensure that all threats are discovered, evaluated, defended and reported.

Many companies assume that a SOC is too costly to be viable. However, Lunarline helps organizations of all sizes effectively centralize their security operations, and vastly improve their defenses — even on a budget. Lunarline’s security engineers have experience building solutions for some of the most advanced organizations in the public and private sectors. And they know how to work quickly and efficiently within a company’s unique environments to get it prepared for the latest cyber security threats.

To learn more about our security operations center solutions and other services that mitigate risks from third-party vulnerabilities, contact us today at SOC@lunarline.com.









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