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Increase Your Cyber Security Savvy & Outpace Hackers

Without a thorough understanding of their cyber security posture, organizations put themselves at risk for preventable, potentially catastrophic data breaches. Even some of the largest companies have had to learn this lesson the hard way, and the news headlines about their plight should serve as a warning.

The recent theft of payment card information for approximately 350,000 Neiman Marcus customers is a clear example. In this case, the hackers responsible went undetected in the retailer’s systems for more than three months before executing their attack. With actionable intelligence, the company could have shut down the intrusion long before it escalated into the major problem it became.

Yet it appears that many companies are in danger of repeating Neiman Marcus’ mistake, as they remain uncertain about the state of their security and the vulnerabilities in their systems. In a 2013 survey of 2,000 executives responsible for IT security, the Ponemon Institute found that one-third of respondents didn’t know whether their companies had experienced a breach in the preceding 12 months. To make matters worse, 58 percent reported that management does not see cyber attacks as a substantial problem.

The threat malicious hackers pose to businesses is growing rapidly as organizations become increasingly data dependent and networks become increasingly complicated. Fortunately, there are some simple and cost-effective actions a company can take to increase its cyber security savvy and improve its overall security status.

First, an organization’s cyber security staff must be up-to-speed on the latest tools, tactics, and protocols for spotting today’s threats. Professional training programs at the advanced level can be a great investment for mitigating a company’s risks. Additionally, it’s critical to include penetration testing as part of security procedures to effectively assess an organization’s vulnerabilities. Out-of-the-box scanning processes are simply not enough to ensure protection from today’s advanced threats.

Lunarline has solutions for security training and penetrations testing that meet the needs and budget of virtually any organization. Our School of Cyber Security offers advanced courses taught by industry leading professionals with years of real-world experience. And with the help of our innovative Sniper pen testing tool, we deliver the industry’s most comprehensive testing procedures quickly and efficiently.

For more information on pen testing services, cyber security training and Lunarline’s numerous other cyber security solutions, contact us today.

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