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Cyber Espionage — It’s Not Just for the Movies

Cyber espionage may sound like something that only happens in spy movies or behind the walls of high-profile government agencies. But the reality is that it’s a legit security issue that can affect any organization with an internet connection. Regardless of an organization’s size, if it fails to protect itself from cyber spies, then the chances are good that it will end up with compromised data, a damaged reputation and financial turmoil.

Cyber espionage is currently at the center of a heated exchange between China and the United States following highly publicized charges that the People’s Liberation Army in China employed cyber spying tactics to steal sensitive information. The target of these attacks was not national security data or any kind of government intel. Rather, it was trade secrets from a number of U.S. businesses.

Sensitive data from private-sector firms (e.g. customer databases, product design details, market intelligence, etc.) can command high prices on the black market. And hackers will go to great lengths to gain access, deploying sophisticated and powerful attack methods commonly known as advanced persistent threats.

Many small companies think these threats are only a problem for large corporations because they believe there’s greater demand for their data. However, medium and small businesses are actually the most regularly targeted groups for cyber espionage. Hackers are often looking to steal data from large companies, but they frequently find their entry point for this information through these companies’ smaller vendor partners. Oftentimes, these smaller partners have lower security standards so they provide much easier access to critical information.

No matter what industry your company operates in or how many people you employ, you need to take cyber espionage seriously. This means doing more than installing malware protection. Companies need a complete cyber security strategy that involves thorough risk assessment, policy development, workforce training, continuous monitoring, incident response planning and more.

Lunarline has helped many public and private companies develop successful programs that prioritize their most critical assets and stay within their cyber security budgets. With a comprehensive range of services, products developed from years of experience, and skilled experts at the top of their field, we can tailor a cyber security strategy that will help keep cyber spies away from your organization.

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