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The Talk: Why You Need to Discuss Cyber Security with Your Staff

Cyber security professionals and black-hat hackers are constantly engaged in a battle of wits where the stakes can be high, and the demand for cutting-edge intelligence is ever present.

As engaging as this situation may be for savvy security professionals, the reality is that even the smartest IT department can’t curb malicious hacking on its own. A comprehensive cyber security effort requires the cooperation the entire organization. The decisions and behaviors of each person on a company’s network can have a major impact on the success of security efforts. So it’s crucial that all employees, across all departments, are on board with an organization’s cyber security best practices.

Like it or not, though, cyber security is a topic that many employees just don’t understand.

Achieving company-wide compliance with security standards and ensuring employees’ online behaviors are secure are among an organization’s greatest IT challenges. This is mainly because non-technical staff members often don’t perceive security measures in the same way IT does. Rather than a necessary and important step in thwarting malware or fraud, these measures are often seen as an inconvenience and an impediment to performing regular responsibilities.

Art Gilliland, general manager of enterprise security products at HP, observes that most average users don’t consider online security the same way they consider physical security. While there are certain common sense security behaviors employees will likely always apply offline (e.g. not leaving a wallet unmonitored in a public space), they don’t apply the same reasoning to security situations in a digital environment.

This creates a learning opportunity for many users on a typical company’s network. And by approaching education in the right way, an organization can make strides in the protection of its sensitive corporate data and personal data of its staff. Making connections between physical and digital security, using real-life examples of data breaches and their consequences, and explaining the reasoning behind security practices – in plain language – are a few techniques that can make a big difference in how successful corporate cyber security training can be.

While informal discussions and well-publicized cyber security best practices can help educate employees, formalized training can go a long way in improving an organization’s security posture.

Lunarline’s School of Cyber Security offers a wide variety of courses that can give employees a better understanding of cyber security measures and their importance. Our certified educators are seasoned experts with years of practice in cyber security. They understand not only how to keep a company’s data and IT resources secure, but also how to motivate everyday users to take responsible actions online.

Lunarline provides personalized training specifically for your security policies on site or at our school in Arlington, Virginia. For more information about our course offerings and how we can tailor them for your company, please visit SchoolofCyberSecurity.com.




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