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Lunarline Opens New Facility in Ohio to Meet Increasing Cyber Security Demand


Without a doubt, cyber security is a challenging — sometimes even panic-inducing — undertaking for businesses. With a constant stream of news articles announcing catastrophic breaches and warnings about the specter of advanced persistent threats, it’s increasingly apparent that fully realized security solutions and all-inclusive privacy training programs are must-haves for companies. Today, most firms depend on sensitive data, stored ...

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Is Your Organization’s Medical Data Safe?


In August 2014, the Heartbleed Bug — a major vulnerability within the OpenSSL encryption toolkit — led to the theft of 4.5 million patient records at a major healthcare company. To the healthcare industry, this was a startling wake-up call. With OpenSSL driving the encryption of records across many medical organizations, it was suddenly painfully obvious just how vulnerable the ...

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Can Your Company Afford to Spend $5.85 Million on a Data Breach?


With the recent data breaches in the retail sector and other industries, you may be wondering how likely it is that your organization will experience a similar incident. In its 2014 Cost of Data Breaches Study, the Ponemon Institute offers its best estimation, and the answer isn’t exactly comforting. The probability that a company will experience a data breach involving ...

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Cyber Security for Government Contractors: Achieving Peace of Mind in a High-Risk Trade


It’s a common tactic of hackers to strike at their major targets indirectly, through connected parties that are potentially more vulnerable. This reality was brought to the nation’s attention when it was revealed that a remotely connected HVAC vendor was the entry point for last year’s massive Target breach.  Accordingly, concerns over cyber security have become particularly dire in the ...

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