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Cyber Security for Government Contractors: Achieving Peace of Mind in a High-Risk Trade

It’s a common tactic of hackers to strike at their major targets indirectly, through connected parties that are potentially more vulnerable. This reality was brought to the nation’s attention when it was revealed that a remotely connected HVAC vendor was the entry point for last year’s massive Target breach

Accordingly, concerns over cyber security have become particularly dire in the world of government contracting. Because the United States federal government is among the most frequently sought-after sources of highly sensitive information, the contractors entrusted with that data can count on malicious hackers to keep them firmly in their sights.

Adding to the urgency of government contracting security concerns is the intensity of negative consequences that can result from a breach. A recent article in Forbes points out that, while companies have been able to bounce back from high-profile breaches without losing significant market share, a similar incident can be completely disruptive for contractors. Following a breach, the government can and often does terminate contracts, implement penalties and suspend contractors from consideration for future opportunities.

The security standards in place for contractors in the public sector can be difficult to navigate, and in some cases, regulations may even be contradictory across agencies.  This makes the task of implementing effective safeguards all the more difficult for a contracting organization. Consulting with a cyber security firm that specializes in federal regulatory compliance can help cut through the confusion, and can a crucial step in securing the future of operations.

Current FedRAMP risk management standards — requirements for all cloud-service providers that want to contract with federal agencies — includes thousands of pages of documentation, more than 300 security controls and a rigorous assessment process that can prove a significant obstacle for many vendors. 

As a FedRAMP accredited third-party assessment organization and leading security consultant, Lunarline is uniquely positioned to assist contracting organizations in achieving FedRAMP compliance standards, and implementing processes that truly guard against cyber security risks. To learn more about our FedRAMP services and the role that Lunarline can play in protecting your organization, visit our FedRAMP solutions page or contact us today.

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