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5 Solutions to Boost Your Cyber Security Posture in 2015


With numerous companies and organizations – from Sony to the MLB – falling victim to high-profile breaches, 2014 certainly generated lot of cyber security buzz. Now, as 2015 approaches, many organizations are taking a lesson from 2014 and aggressively driving their firms toward stronger cyber security solutions. If your company plans to improve its cyber security position in the coming ...

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Lunarline Publishes New Healthcare Security and Privacy Services Catalog

The world of IT security and privacy consulting is in constant flux.  This is especially apparent in the healthcare space.  Changing laws, progressing healthcare practices, and brand-new technologies combine to create a highly dynamic ­­environment in which healthcare security and privacy compliance programs quickly become outdated. Specifically, the government recently passed the Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule.  This Rule made several ...

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Why Cyber Security is Different for VIPs and Executives


Everyone’s information deserves to be protected. However, this need is a lot more critical for some company employees – mainly executives, board members and other VIPs. Yet many companies with limited resources are failing to prioritize the securing of critical data for these people. This is a crucial mistake that can turn an isolated data breach into one that causes ...

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There’s No Such Thing as Too Prepared in Cyber Security


There are many areas in business where too much preparation can be inefficient. And focusing too much time and energy on a particular problem can result in diminishing returns. However, when it comes to cyber security, this concept rarely applies. Just one overlooked vulnerability can turn in to an event with consequences so costly it can be very difficult for ...

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