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Introducing Airlock: Create Secure Configurations in Minutes

Out of the box, most devices aren’t optimized to protect against cyber attacks. And in today’s networked environments — where persistent threats are increasingly common — it’s more important than ever for companies to close security gaps.

For many IT departments, this means regularly applying and reapplying secure configurations to each and every device on a company’s network. And most security professionals use the DISA STIGs (security technical implementation guides) as the authoritative resource to get the job done. However, while these guides are indeed thorough, they can also be quite time consuming to implement.

With more than 300 individual secure configuration settings for Windows 7 alone, a security implementation using STIGs can easily take an entire day. And that estimate doesn’t even account for Internet Explorer, SQL server or any other application with potential security impacts.

As an isolated instance, a configuration process that takes a full workday may not seem like a major problem. But given the ongoing need to deploy new technology assets, companies often have constant configuration tasks to complete. Even for small businesses, this time-consuming process translates to a significant cost burden.

Considering the impracticality of manually configuring tech resources, it’s no wonder that companies fall behind and leave vulnerabilities open on devices. But failure to properly configure IT resources can become an even more expensive option, as it can result in lost data, large recovery expenses, fines and lost business.

Therefore it’s critical to find a way to manage devices’ security configuration in a manageable, efficient manner. One way to do this is by automating implementation of security configurations based on STIGs. With Lunarline’s Airlock companies can deploy these changes quickly, reducing the time requirement from approximately 10 hours to a matter of minutes.

In addition to quickly configuring tech resources for security, Airlock produces results in real-time and allows users to quickly export results for use in reports. For manual checks, Airlock creates a checklist that can be easily used offline.

Airlock is free and comes with one lockset, with additional locksets available for purchase. (Click here to download Airlock now.) For more information about Airlock and the other state-of-the-art cyber security products and services Lunarline has to offer, visit us online or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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