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Lunarline Publishes New Healthcare Security and Privacy Services Catalog

hcsapcThe world of IT security and privacy consulting is in constant flux.  This is especially apparent in the healthcare space.  Changing laws, progressing healthcare practices, and brand-new technologies combine to create a highly dynamic ­­environment in which healthcare security and privacy compliance programs quickly become outdated.

Specifically, the government recently passed the Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule.  This Rule made several changes to HIPAA’s Security and Privacy requirements, including steeper fines for noncompliance, more stringent breach notification requirements, and placing Security Rule requirement on “business associates” and their subcontractors.  These modifications are compelling many organizations to overhaul their HIPAA compliance paradigm.

Further, the Office of Civil Right (OCR) has announced its “Phase 2” audit initiative, slated to being this year (although it’ll be delayed to 2015).  OCR’s Phase 2 audit efforts will target the weaknesses revealed during its 2012 pilot program, such as inaccurate risk assessments, improper use and disclosure of health information, and failure to adhere to breach notification requirements.

Finally, the healthcare industry as a whole is faced with stiff budgetary restraints, which means there are less dollars to be spent on becoming HIPAA compliant.  In all, meeting today’s security and privacy requirements is daunting.

As trends and regulations change, so does Lunarline’s consulting practices.  Our expert healthcare team responds to change immediately and comprehensively.  Our adaptability is one reason why our clients think we’re the best.  For example, we’ve already incorporated the Omnibus changes into our HIPAA consulting approach.  We even offer training courses focused on the new HIPAA landscape.

Additionally, we have a from-the-source understanding of what OCR’s audit will focus on, which ensures our assessment services not only will create a HIPAA-compliant environment, but will also guide your organization through the OCR foibles inherent in its auditing  (if you’re unlucky enough to get audited).  Finally, and is some ways most importantly, we provide comprehensive and sophisticated healthcare security and privacy consulting at a cost that’s palatable.  We can do this because of our streamlined consulting approach, which maximizes efficiency.

To showcase our current capabilities, we’re proud and excited to release our revised Healthcare Security and Privacy Catalog of Services.  In it, you can learn about our:

  • Updated HIPAA Security and Privacy practices
  • Innovative Healthcare Managed Services through our cutting-edge Security Operations Center
  • Industry-leading Data Breach Security and Privacy support
  • International Healthcare Security practice

Download a copy or read it here.  Then, let us know how we can help your organization protect its healthcare data.

About Joshua Merkel

Josh is Lunarline's Director of Privacy. He is a licensed attorney and holds CIPP and CIPM certifications. In addition to data privacy consulting, Josh acts as a subject matter expert supporting HIPAA compliance assessments, and leads FISMA/NIST efforts for several clients.