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Stop Putting out Fires: Proactive Cyber Security Solutions that Put You in Control

In cyber security, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to take a reactive approach. If your organization is thoroughly monitoring networks and responding quickly and decisively to intrusions and threats, you could be worse off. Compared to the many businesses that entrust their sensitive data and tech resources to simple antivirus and vulnerability scanning programs, this type of solution is miles ahead.

However, by taking a solely reactive approach, even companies with solid detection and response systems can find their security programs falling behind. Responding in real time as issues emerge, these companies are continually stretched for resources and focused on putting out fires. Security personnel may feel overwhelmed and overworked, and at the mercy of hackers and their persistent attacks.

It’s no big secret that cybercriminals are hard at work on bigger, more vicious exploits. And it’s well known that businesses are falling behind in their efforts to combat these exploits. So it’s easy for IT departments and business leaders to feel they have no choice but to focus on breach response, rather than a more proactive approach that identifies and shuts down risks before they become a problem. After all, your security team can’t possibly anticipate every single threat that emerges, right?

Companies often forget that the goal of a proactive security approach is not to detour all possible threats. Instead, organizations need to mitigate the risks that can have a detrimental impact to their most critical resources. This approach is both cost-effective and sustainable for any size company, provided that it focuses on two particular strategies:

  1. Taking a prioritized approach to threat intelligence. Attempting to track every single exploit that emerges is too overwhelming. This is why Lunarline developed Ground Station. By aggregating threat intel and correlating it to your company’s specific assets, Ground Station makes it easy to prioritize threats and take meaningful action.
  1. Thinking like a hacker. Canned security scans will overlook many of the fundamental vulnerabilities lurking in your network. However, using the same methods that hackers employ, skillfully penetration testers can draw them out. Using our revolutionary Sniper tool, Lunarline offers comprehensive pen testing that’s both efficient and affordable.

When it comes to your organization’s cyber security, taking a defensive approach is wise. But a comprehensive and proactive strategy — one that addresses the advanced persistent threats that are relevant to your company – is wiser. To learn more about how Lunarline’s line of innovative products and services can help your organization be more proactive about cyber security, visit us at lunarline.com or contact us for a free consultation.



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