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There’s No Such Thing as Too Prepared in Cyber Security

There are many areas in business where too much preparation can be inefficient. And focusing too much time and energy on a particular problem can result in diminishing returns. However, when it comes to cyber security, this concept rarely applies. Just one overlooked vulnerability can turn in to an event with consequences so costly it can be very difficult for a business to recover.

If you suspect there are cyber security measures that your business is neglecting, you may be right. At many firms, there are a number of defense considerations that regularly get overlooked. The following are some of the most important security capabilities and best practices that commonly take a backseat.

Securing software configurations on employees’ devices. With the growing popularity of BYOD and pervasive use of mobile technologies, it’s easy for employers and employees to forget that networks, laptop computers, and other tech resources are company property. And given that many companies have sensitive data to protect, convenience for the end users shouldn’t supersede security considerations.

Of course, getting each device on a network optimized for security can be an intensive undertaking. However, Airlock, a tool for automating secure configuration of tech resources, can simplify the process and make it easy to lock down all your organization’s devices.

Offering company-wide training and consistent policy enforcement. Employees are critical to an organization’s security efforts. Their adherence to privacy policies can make or break an otherwise solid effort. This is why company-wide privacy training is a must.

But for the inevitable occasions when an employee feels the rules don’t apply to him or her, it’s also important to have tools in place for automatic enforcement. With comprehensive privacy training solutions and expert consulting on privacy programs, your organization can implement a complete, fail-safe solution.

Creating a clear plan of action for a data breach. Even with real-time monitoring programs in place, companies can end up with costly data breach incidents on their hands – especially if there’s no clearly defined plan for escalation and response. Several Fortune 100 retailers have learned this lesson the hard way. Making sure all bases are covered when it comes to incident response often requires outside help, but it’s worth seeking out to ensure a breach doesn’t derail your organization.

Pursuing threat intelligence. Taking a purely defensive position with cyber security can often go awry, and security professionals can find themselves constantly scrambling to put out fires. Actively researching emerging threats can help to overcome this problem. But with a seemingly endless number of exploits developing on a daily basis, this can be an overwhelming undertaking. Ground Station, an intelligence tool that maps emerging threats to an organization’s critical systems, can help make threat intelligence manageable.

Hidden cyber security vulnerabilities exist in many organization – so don’t be afraid to seek them out. In cybersecurity, over preparation simply doesn’t exist. For more information how Lunarline’s products and services can help you close the gaps in your security programs, visit Lunarline.com or contact us today.


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