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HIPAA Compliance in 2015, Part IV: The Breach Notification Rule and HIPAA Enforcement


To round out this four-part series, we’ll discuss two important and often misunderstood aspects of HIPAA compliance in 2015: the requirements of the Breach Notification Rule (BNR) and the tiered penalty structure of the Enforcement Rule. The earlier installments of this series can be read here: HIPAA Compliance in 2015, Part I:  Why Does My Organization Need to Become HIPAA-Compliant? ...

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Energy Industry — The Next Major Cyber Crime Target?


When a major retail company like Target or Neiman Marcus falls prey to a massive cyber security breach, it puts millions of customers at risk for credit card fraud. When health care companies are attacked, millions of patients and members might find themselves struggling with identity theft. Additionally, attacks on non-profits and social enterprises have taught us that no firm ...

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Social Enterprises: A Hacker’s Favorite Target


Organizations whose primary goal is social good may seem like unlikely targets for hackers. After all, who would want to attack the tech resources, networks, and data repositories of these groups when there are so many for-profit organizations and government agencies to prey upon? Unfortunately, the answer is a lot of people. The reality is that social enterprises are at ...

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