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Cyber Security and Risk Management Go Hand in Hand

Cyber Security and Risk Management Go Hand in Hand

Compared to other areas of business, information technology is an operational function that stakeholders often view as relatively hands-off. With its specialized terminology and detailed logic, it’s seen as a practice that’s best left to the professionals. A board’s functional understanding of tech-related issues might go only deep enough to know what to fund – and this typically depends on what IT leadership tells them.

This situation works out well enough in many situations, and can even be an efficient arrangement.

Except when it comes to cyber security.

As organizations increasingly rely on sensitive data stored on corporate networks, cyber security and risk management become more intertwined. Treating it as a tangential concern for IT departments to grapple with can quickly result in expensive data breaches and malware attacks that can do significant damage to a business.

Organizational leadership must understand and treat cyber security as a high priority, taking an active role in its oversight and development. And these three major initiatives can set a company on the right path for effective cyber defense.

  1. Corporate governance: A coherent cyber-security strategy takes a careful, planned approach with documented goals and processes, a cross-functional leadership structure, compliance oversight and more.
  1. Security operations center: One major issue with otherwise effective cyber security efforts is when detection, response and intelligence efforts are fractured across multiple IT teams. This frequently creates gaps and overlooked vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. By implementing a security operations center, companies can streamline and centralize their proactive defense efforts to make sure critical information does not go unnoticed.
  2. Cyber security training: Cyber security literacy is critical for everyone in an organization, especially for professionals responsible for keeping IT resources secure. The Lunarline School of Cyber Security offers training options that cover every subject from basic privacy practices to advanced penetration testing techniques. With on-site and online delivery options, these training opportunities are easily accessible for everyone.

To learn more about the Lunarline products, services and programs that can help make cyber security a core component of your risk management efforts, visit Lunarline.com or set up a free consultation with one of our cyber security Jedis.

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