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Energy Industry — The Next Major Cyber Crime Target?

When a major retail company like Target or Neiman Marcus falls prey to a massive cyber security breach, it puts millions of customers at risk for credit card fraud. When health care companies are attacked, millions of patients and members might find themselves struggling with identity theft.

Additionally, attacks on non-profits and social enterprises have taught us that no firm or sector is exempt from cyber security concerns. And there are a number of industries facing particularly worrisome vulnerabilities.

The energy industry ranks near the top of this list.

While most of the highly publicized cyber crime in 2014 was motivated by financial gain or espionage, there is also the very real risk of cyber terrorism. And a cyber terrorist attack on a key energy company could spell disaster for the nation’s power grid — causing serious damage to our economy, public health, and safety.

According to a report from Louisiana-based news station KTBS, approximately 55,000 energy substations exist in the U.S., and 30 of those play a critical role in powering the country’s electrical grid. With 79 known hacking incidents at energy companies last year, there’s good reason to be worried about attacks on these key stations.

A number of firms in the energy sector have taken measures to prepare for the risk of cyber terrorist attacks, with either on-site or dedicated security operations centers that enable 24-hour monitoring and real-time response capabilities. For example, American Electrical Power, one of the nation’s largest energy suppliers, uses its own cyber security center in Columbus, Ohio to monitor its grid.

However, nearly half of the nation’s energy companies aren’t implementing the proper security measures at their facilities — an oversight that needs to be remedied to protect not just the energy companies, but the country as a whole.

Lunarline offers innovative solutions to help energy companies ramp up their cyber security efforts quickly and affordably. For those organizations that have the resources to maintain their own onsite program, Lunarline offers end-to-end consulting services to ensure a security operations center (SOC) program is implemented effectively and positioned for ongoing success.

For those approaching security with more limited resources or experience, Lunarline also offers complete managed security services that leverage our own state-of-the-art security operations infrastructure for 24-hour, real-time monitoring and response.

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