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Lunarline Addresses Healthcare Organizations’ Critical Need for Better Cyber Security

Financial firms and retail companies are obvious targets for cyber fraud. With scores of account numbers and transaction records in their systems, these companies attract malicious activity for reasons that are fairly obvious. And yet, there’s still one sector that offers even more enticing data for cyber criminals: healthcare organizations.

Healthcare organizations, which store and transfer a massive amount of personally identifiable health information, have become a go-to for identity theft and fraud. Since the introduction of federal reporting requirements for medical data breaches, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has filed reports on more than 940 incidents, affecting more than 30 million Americans. And with many healthcare organizations still lagging behind retail companies in terms of cyber security, this number is growing rapidly.

Healthcare organizations clearly need to hone in on the intensifying cyber fraud issue and protect the sensitive information of their customers. However, these organizations have to remain focused on their top priority: providing quality care to those in need.
This critical need is why Lunarline is stepping up to provide targeted solutions specifically designed for healthcare organizations unique cyber security needs.

Our catalog of healthcare security and privacy services covers a wide range of cyber defense needs — from risk analysis and intelligence to real-time monitoring and breach response. These services are customized to the needs of a specific organization, these services improve the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of a healthcare firm’s critical data resources.

Lunarline knows healthcare security. We’ve designed and implemented security solutions for some of the nation’s leading healthcare firms. Our expert consultants are well versed in the latest healthcare security legislation, and they ensure that your systems meet or exceed PHI and HITECH standards — without the confusion or red tape that’s often involved in compliance efforts.

To explore Lunarline’s healthcare security services, please download our comprehensive catalog. And when you’re ready to discuss a targeted cyber security approach for your healthcare organization, we’re ready to help.



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