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Ethical Hackers – The Corporate Lifesavers

Hackers practice their craft for a number of reasons. Some are in it for the sheer thrill, approaching the process like a game. Others are after money, hoping to sell stolen data on the black market. Still others engage in hacks for ideological purposes, a practice commonly referred to as hacktivism. And then there are those who flex their hacking skills on behalf of a paying customer, whether they’re cyber criminals working for nefarious purposes or ethical hackers helping to combat cyber threats.

The concept of hacker-for-hire is nothing new. For as long as computers have stored sensitive data, individuals, corporations and even nation states have been employing hackers. And today, the profession is reaching new heights.

In some ways, this is an alarming reality. Case in point: a recent article in the New York Times introduced readers to a new site called Hackers List, a kind of freelancing platform where hackers can bid on small projects posted by potential clients. In several of the job listings, the clients, who are anonymous on the platform, are obviously up to no good.

Fortunately, not everyone with hacking skills has ill intent. Ethical hacking — where hackers help secure data and information technology resources, instead of steal it — is a viable, even lucrative, alternative for those with hacking skills. In fact, in the current state of corporate networking, where businesses must actively combat persistent threats from cyber criminals, ethical hackers can play a pivotal role in finding vulnerabilities that would otherwise remain hidden.

Any business that stores or shares data over a network can benefit from an ethical hacker’s skills. Through penetration testing services, these professionals can make utilize their skills to find weak points in the system that could be exploited. Far beyond the limits of a standard vulnerability scan, these tests employ the same kind of creative strategies the bad guys use. As a result, clients come away with a complete view of their vulnerabilities and guidance on how to close them down.

Lunarline employs a team of elite ethical hackers for the most comprehensive penetration tests available. And with innovative products like Sniper making these tests more efficient and collaborative, our pen testing service is affordable to companies of all sizes.

For more information on Lunarline’s pen testing services, as well as our extensive range of cyber security products, visit lunarline.com or contact us for a free consultation.



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