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New Private Sector Compliance Requirements on the Horizon?

The nation’s cyber security has been high on the Obama administration’s list of priorities since taking office. Its first effort came in late 2008 in the form of the Cyberspace Policy Review, and since then several initiatives have been implemented in an effort to put the federal government, private sector and public in a better position to defend against cybercrime.

In the private sector, there’s been a persistent focus on cooperation between business and government. Building on the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) introduced by President George W. Bush, the Obama administration has incorporated private enterprise into its goals in a number of ways. Most significantly, it’s aimed to improve on private-public data sharing and threat analysis efforts, and it has encouraged the adoption of federal regulations across private enterprise.

In February 2015, President Obama took another step forward in his administration’s efforts to promote private-public collaboration by signing an Executive Order calling for centralized hubs for sharing cyber security information between businesses and government agencies. In addition to defining a high-level plan of action, the order outlined data privacy and security compliance standards that would be necessary for businesses to participate.

Though this effort likely won’t have businesses clamoring to meet federal security standards, we expect that additional plans will be developed to spur on compliance. And more businesses may soon find themselves grappling with complicated regulatory requirements.

From a Certificate of Networthiness to FISMA and FedRAMP, RMF for DoD IT and HIPAA compliance, the government is gradually introducing new standards and drawing more and more private sector organizations under these umbrellas. As an experienced compliance expert, we strongly recommend that organizations take a long look at what might be coming down the pipe, so you can start preparing now for new compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our professional consultants have a long history of helping private sector companies navigate the most demanding compliance standards. From analysis and planning to implementation and documentation, our team supports you through the compliance process and implements security automation to take the pain out of it.

In addition to our compliance support services, Lunarline also offers comprehensive education programs and helpful tools, like Sniper, that make it easier to get compliant. For more information about these and other solutions from Lunarline, visit lunarline.com or contact us today.


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