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Counter Intelligence: Your Guide to a More Proactive Cyber Security Approach

In today’s challenging cyber landscape, a proactive cyber security approach is a necessity to stay protected against aggressive cyber criminals. While a comprehensive defense program should include well-defined, reactive strategies, such as incident response and contingency planning, they do little to prevent hackers from doing serious damage to your organization.

“Proactive” is a broad term to describe a cyber security method, and there are a variety of approaches that can fit that description. But ultimately, a proactive plan that places emphasis on counterintelligence is among the most effective.

Incorporating these security measures in you’re your organization’s program can help you establish a solid security position that advanced persistent threats can’t break.

  1. Threat intelligence that prioritizes risk. Taking informed action to protect against emerging exploits is a key to staying ahead of hackers. But if you chase every threat that pops up, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with information without making much headway. That’s why intelligence tools, like Ground Station, that help you determine priority, based on your systems, are indispensable.
  1. Efficiency in routine tasks. A proactive cyber security approach means spending time on analysis to understand your threats. If the processes of obtaining and documenting vulnerability information are eating up too much time and too many resources, you have a problem. Automation tools, like VSC, can help you focus on the higher value, strategic work.
  1. Integrated, continuous monitoring. With disparate monitoring tools, security teams only get part of a complete picture, and this fragmented approach can give way easily to undetected threats. Whether it’s managed through a security operations center or by a third-party vendor, centralized monitoring is a must-have in proactive security.

Routine penetration testing. With the sophistication of today’s advanced persistent threats, there are vulnerabilities that regular scanning simply can’t catch. Penetration testing is an important measure to make sure your organization is shutting down some of the more creative routes hackers might take.

Don’t wait for cyber attacks to come to you before taking action. With the right tools and the strategy, your organization can be proactive and tactical in its cyber security approach…and keep cyber criminals at bay.

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