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Choose Your Cyber Security Partner Wisely


When you are looking for a cyber security partner to help you improve your organization’s security posture, it’s important to remember that these services aren’t just a commodity. There are significant differences between how security firms approach the trade, their areas of expertise, experience and more. And one of the key differences between cyber security vendors is the level of ...

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Law Firms: Do Your Cyber Security Due Diligence

cyber security for law firms

For legal professionals, day-to-day routines can involve handling a staggering amount of information. Couple this with the fact that the legal field isn’t known for being particularly tech-savvy, and the risk of a data breach is high. Many law firms operate in small partnerships, so a lack of cyber security isn’t always apparent. But when you consider certain realities about ...

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Executive Privacy: Don’t Let Hackers Put You in the News

executive privacy

Most high-ranking officials and executives know that a heavy dose of scrutiny is a normal part of the job. Shareholders of public companies, journalists, government agencies and the general public hold you under a microscope, and the details they dig up can run the gamut from a professional track record to personal habits. Perhaps the most familiar form of this ...

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Financial Institutions Could Face New Cyber Security Rules

financial institutions face new cyber security rules

At face value, it may not seem right that your organization should have to worry about your vendors’ cyber security programs. However, even for firms with state-of-the-art security systems, a vendor’s compromised connection is often an Achilles heel that hackers are quick to exploit. It’s a lesson that Target — among others — has learned the hard way, as the ...

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