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Is a Public-Private Cyber Security Alliance on the Horizon?

For the federal government, establishing data sharing between the private and public sector is a high-priority goal in combatting cyber crime. Advocates emphasize that such collaboration could be mutually benefit all parties. While private businesses stand to gain federal support for their cyber defense efforts, the federal government receives helpful data for their own cyber intelligence.

In theory, it is a win-win scenario.

In reality, however, attempts to initiate public-private cyber security collaboration have thus far been unsuccessful. In the past several years, efforts have been shut down due to concerns over consumer privacy rights and the feasibility of the sharing procedures for private firms.

Now, after a year of major security incidents — which have left several Fortune 100 companies licking their wounds — it appears that the stage may finally be set for collaboration to begin. On April 22, a measure to stimulate public-private data sharing passed in the House of Representatives with a vote of 307 to 116, and it will head to the senate floor later this spring.

According to a report from the New York Times, this data-sharing measure, if embraced by the Senate, would become the federal government’s most aggressive response to recent high profile attacks in the private sector. By offering legal liability and privacy protections for businesses that share information according to protocol, it aims to give companies incentive to participate in a more collaborative cyber security effort.

The movement toward cross-sector collaboration is evidence of the urgency of cyber security challenges for the private sector, government agencies and the public alike. When companies, including Target, Sony and Anthem BCBS, all experience catastrophic data breaches within the course of a year, the takeaway is clear: It’s time to get serious about shutting down cybercrime.

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