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Report on Global Cyber Security Spending Finds Organizations are Still Behind

security spending

Without support and involvement from the right C-level executives, as well as adequate investment in training, technology and planning, cyber security initiatives are likely to underachieve. This reality has become an impediment for many organizations as they attempt to manage their risks, protect their sensitive data and keep their systems free of malware. Even as hackers continue to develop more challenging ...

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White House Launches Cyber Security Sprint

cyber security sprint

After disclosing a breach initially estimated to affect approximately 4 million federal employees, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) finds itself at the center of a cyber security fiasco that seems to intensify as investigations progress and new information is discovered. The breach, which has been traced to Chinese hackers, may extend beyond OPM employees, as the office runs a ...

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Boom Town: A Federal Contracting Explosion & The Collateral Damage

federal contracting explosion

I’ve been in federal services sales for nearly a decade now. This is really just another way of saying that, while the rest of my nation (and my state) struggled through the Great Recession, I was hiding out in a $300 billion alternate universe. You see, since 2000, as markets around the world got crushed, U.S. government spending on non-construction, non-R&D ...

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Social Media Presents Unprecedented Privacy Issues


Within the past decade, new consumer technologies and internet developments have changed the way we live and interact. With the abundance of web-enabled devices and omnipresence of social media platforms, a significant part of our social lives now happens online. In many ways, this kind of digital interaction is a wonderful thing. It keeps us connected in meaningful ways over long ...

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