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Call it a Comeback: Yesterday’s Cyber Threats are Alive and Well

Hackers are out there right now developing bigger and more damaging cyber threats. Attacks that should be driving companies forward in their efforts to thwart intrusions and protect the privacy of their data.

However, as it turns out, these new threats are not the greatest challenge to organizations’ cyber security… at least not yet.

The troublemakers in cyber security aren’t actually new at all. Rather, they’re resurfacing threats that continue to cause substantial problems for organizations of all types. According to a security roundup from Trendmicro, threats that have been active for some time, sometimes for a number of years, have risen in prevalence in 2015.

In some cases, the increases in prevalence for existing threats have been quite dramatic. For instance, variants of crypto-ransomware have jumped from approximately 1,500 incidents in Q1 2014 to almost 8,000 incidents in Q1 2015. Meanwhile, macro malware incidents have skyrocketed from less than 20,000 in Q1 2014 to nearly 100,000 in Q1 2015. The most severe vulnerabilities Trendmicro uncovered in its research were familiar issues including cross-site scripting, path traversal and SQL injections.

To combat these re-emerging threats, it’s critical that companies remove their blinders, and take action to keep these intrusions out of their systems. As a first step, consider malware auditing to identify the existing vulnerabilities that could be lurking in your networks. Identifying these threats and prioritizing them should be the foundation of an approach for dealing with individual threats.

In our malware auditing process, Lunarline leverages Damballa’s Failsafe technology to not only pinpoint malware issues, but also give them context within your systems. This makes it easier to prioritize and act on threats.

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