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Social Media Presents Unprecedented Privacy Issues

Within the past decade, new consumer technologies and internet developments have changed the way we live and interact. With the abundance of web-enabled devices and omnipresence of social media platforms, a significant part of our social lives now happens online.

In many ways, this kind of digital interaction is a wonderful thing. It keeps us connected in meaningful ways over long distances. It makes it easier to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. For businesses, it creates possibilities for new ways to engage with customers and build consumer relationships.

Yet, social media presents challenges in cyber security and privacy protection. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have us volunteering details about our daily lives in a way that really has no precedent. We share our locations with geo-tagging apps and functions, such as Foursquare and Facebook’s check-in feature. And we offer up images of our personal lives, available for all to see, on Instagram.

As social media cements its permanence in contemporary life, sharing online has become second nature. So it’s easy to overlook the potential consequences of making certain data public. News stories reinforcing this oversight appear from time to time. A notable example is the case of M16 chief John Sawers, whose cover was blown due to his wife’s posts on Facebook. The posts showed images of Sawer’s personal life and indicated his personal relationships. Alarmingly, Mrs. Sawer was using virtually no privacy controls to protect her Facebook account.

Social media can be a healthy, safe and rewarding part of our personal and professional lives. However, it’s critical that we remain aware that uninformed, unrestricted use of these platforms can be a liability. If a presence on the internet is important to you or your business, you need to educate yourself and your team on best practices for safer use.

Lunarline’s School of Cyber Security offers courses specifically focused on protecting your privacy on social media platforms. Going far beyond account configurations and authentication considerations, our instructors can give you the functional knowledge you need to stay protected online.

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