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Controlling, Containing and Recovering from Cyber Security Incidents

cyber security incident response

Company stakeholders and IT personnel alike know that cyber security incidents can do a lot of damage in a hurry. Between the costs of recovery, lost business, reputational damage and fines, organizations can easily spend millions on a single incident. In fact, the Ponemon Institute reported the average per-incident cost of data breaches to be about $3.5 million – a ...

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The Importance of Automation and Standardization in Cyber Security Processes

automation and standardization

To be effective, cyber security requires human intervention. A lot of companies with limited security budgets learn this the hard way. They trust security software suites to handle their defenses and find themselves victims of costly breaches. As organizations move toward more proactive security measures — including threat intelligence, penetration testing, continuous monitoring and real-time response — there is a ...

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Knowledge is Power: Increasing Your Team’s Cyber Security Proficiency

cyber security proficiency

To a lot of non-technical professionals, cyber security may seem pretty dull. And who can blame them? The weird terminology, complicated systems and mundane, repetitive tasks can certainly come across as a less than exhilarating experience. But looking past those aspects of the job, cyber security is actually pretty exciting. As devastating breaches — like those at the Office and ...

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Risky Medicine: A Poor Prognosis for Health Care Security

health care security

In the health care industry, IT solutions are moving at a breakneck pace with an aim towards integrated electronic health records, interactive patient portals, mobile engagement and more. It’s a direction that many feel is necessary to bring health care up into this millennium and improve the quality of care. However, it’s a major cause for concern for data privacy and health ...

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