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Knowledge is Power: Increasing Your Team’s Cyber Security Proficiency

To a lot of non-technical professionals, cyber security may seem pretty dull. And who can blame them? The weird terminology, complicated systems and mundane, repetitive tasks can certainly come across as a less than exhilarating experience.

But looking past those aspects of the job, cyber security is actually pretty exciting. As devastating breaches — like those at the Office and Personnel Management and Sony — continue to make headlines, an organization’s security team is its first line of defense against cyber attacks.

Fighting back against cyber crime requires sharp wits, creativity and finely tuned skills. It’s a pursuit that brings both challenges and rewards, and one that’s extraordinarily important to an organization’s longevity and profitability. But if you want to attract top cyber security talent, you have to give employees more than a job babysitting networks.

Helping employees sharpen their skills is critical to recruiting and retaining the most qualified and motivated team. And offering your staff cyber security training classes and activities is a win-win situation for any organization. Not only do security professionals get a chance to flex their mental muscles and gain marketable skills, they also increase their cyber security proficiency and strengthen the organization’s security posture.

If your organization wants to keep its cyber security team engaged and happy, consider offering one or more of these opportunities.

  • Stand-alone training: A multi-session training course can teach your team members new, more complex proficiencies they can use on the job immediately. However, with the cyber security field changing so rapidly, a single session course that covers the latest developments can be equally valuable.
  • Certifications: Going beyond the scope of a stand-alone course, certifications, like Certified Expert Cloud Security (CECS)®, provide security professionals with the specialize skills they need to take on new, advanced pursuits in protecting an organizations data and tech assets.
  • Challenges: Improving cyber security skills isn’t something that has to be done in a classroom or on the job. The cyber security field offers plenty of opportunities to participate in challenges that offer some friendly competition and a chance to apply some advanced skills. These challenges can be part of an industry event or something your organization devises.

In addition to our leading edge services and products, Lunarline is one of the top cyber security educators in the field. We offer comprehensive and engaging course work, year round, with a number of flexible delivery options. For more information about the Lunarline School of Cyber Security and our curriculum, visit schoolofcybersecurity.com.



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