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Moving Beyond the SIEM

In today’s technological landscape, where complex data networks are fundamental to business, advanced persistent threats are a nagging concern for organizations of all sizes. In an effort to combat these threats, even smaller companies have taken steps toward a more proactive cyber defense, utilizing security information event managers (SIEMs) that allow for a centralized view of security data across systems. ...

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Get Smart. Get Certified.


Cyber security requires specialized skills that evolve with the intricacy of networked environments and the sophistication of cyber criminals. To combat advanced persistent threats and manage risks, organizations need professionals who are versed in the latest security and compliance processes — not just in theory, but also through hands-on learning and application. Yet finding, retaining and training these people can ...

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Consider It: Full Lifecycle System Security

full lifecycle security

When designing or expanding an IT network, budgets and deadlines can cause significant pressure. And that pressure can lead to details being overlooked in favor of a functional, finished product. In some cases, it might be possible to tweak the design later, with minimal rework or added cost. However, overlooking certain cyber security factors can often cause fundamental flaws that ...

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Reducing Your Organization’s Attack Surface

network complexity

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. With data sharing and enterprise networks being crucial to modern business, it stands to reason that networks continuously expand along with an organization’s growth. And as a network expands, its features, configurations, security systems, routing tables and physical infrastructure all become increasingly complex. The more complex a network becomes, the more it is ...

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