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Get Smart. Get Certified.

Cyber security requires specialized skills that evolve with the intricacy of networked environments and the sophistication of cyber criminals. To combat advanced persistent threats and manage risks, organizations need professionals who are versed in the latest security and compliance processes — not just in theory, but also through hands-on learning and application.

Yet finding, retaining and training these people can be a challenge.

When hiring new security talent, it can be difficult to gauge a candidate’s level of proficiency within a particular area of specialization since most HR personnel and managers aren’t cyber security experts. Even those who do understand security can have a hard time vetting prospective hires since the traditional interview process doesn’t lend itself to an in-depth examination of technical skills, or their application to real-world challenges. Meanwhile, employed security professionals also present a staffing issue in the sense that they need to stay focused on continuing education to deliver an effective, proactive defense.

These are both significant IT staffing challenges for organizations, but technical cyber security certifications and coursework can provide a solution.

In addition to a current employee’s credentials, or as a component of a prospective hire’s qualifications, a technical certification quickly identifies expertise in critical security areas. More specifically, they validate that a candidate or employee meets the training requirements for a given skill set, such as:

A major consideration for employers reviewing certifications is the organization granting certification. It’s critical that the content of the certifier’s training is up to date, so an organization can be confident the employee is up to date on the latest security environment. As a leading educator, solutions provider, and thought leader in cyber security, The Lunarline School of Cyber Security provides certification programs that are current, academically rigorous and centered on real-world practice. For more information on these certifications and other cyber security training opportunities, visit Schoolofcybersecurity.com or contact us today.

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